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Her Story


Meet Meagan!

After launching this company as only a small event design consulting firm. Meagan has worked tirelessly growing and evolving into the Siren empire that we know today. In doing so she has accumulated over 30+ awards, has been published in all different media, and internationally recognized for her events. 

From specializing in themed events, to crafting timeless, unforgettable weddings, She has had her hands in it all. With an extensive background in design, fashion, and business management, she takes on clients with confidence in her ability to deliver incredible memorable events.

From Meagan Herself


"Growing up I was always the one with the wild ideas. I dreamed of elaborate parties, and going the extra mile. As a mother, I want to set an example for my daughters of what following your dreams looks like. To approach business and success in a way that isn't only about the money, but the memories, the community, the people, and the love for what you do.

I have an ultimate passion for creating unforgettable and personalized experiences for every client. With years of experience and industry recognition,    I am able to navigate the world of weddings and events with finesse and attention to detail. I like to be personable and related to my clients and I believe that every event should reflect the unique personalities o
f each of them. I will always work tirelessly to bring that vision to life. From intimate elopements, lavish birthdays, to grand affairs, I approach each project with creativity, love, respect and professionalism. " 
 - Meagan

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