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Step into the realm of refined sophistication with Siren Events' Partial Wedding Planning – a bespoke offering that strikes the perfect chord between comprehensive guidance and the thrill of hands-on involvement.

Crafted for discerning couples eager to be intimately engaged in shaping their celebration, our partial planning package beckons from the moment you say "yes" to our collaboration.

Ideal for those who revel in the planning process but seek the wisdom of seasoned experts, this package is your key to a collaborative journey. Already secured a venue? Fantastic. Want to handpick specific vendors? Excellent. We're here to complement your vision, offering expertise to seamlessly guide and elevate your wedding planning experience.

Picture being an active participant in every decision, with the assurance that our seasoned professionals stand ready to source, advise, and refine your choices. Siren Events' Partial Wedding Planning is the epitome of refined collaboration, ensuring your celebration reflects both your personal touch and the elegance of our expertise. Inclusion of day of coordination.

*Siren Events clients invest an average of $40,000 for their wedding, and a starting investment of $3000 for partial planning*

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