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Optimal for those who've orchestrated the majority of their event and wish to savor the fruits of their labor, our Set Up/Tear Down package ensures a seamless execution of your vision.

Our dedicated designer and strike crew take center stage. Before your event kicks off, they swoop in to set up everything discussed during our prior consultations, creating an ambiance that reflects your unique style and vision. Once the stage is set, we gracefully exit, leaving you to enjoy the festivities.

At the end of your event, our team returns, working in harmony with other vendors and the venue to facilitate a meticulous tear-down. Nothing is left behind, and you're free to enjoy the final moments of your celebration without the end of night worry.

Siren Events' Set Up/Tear Down package is your assurance of a stress-free event experience without investing in a coordinator.


. Opt for sophistication and ease – let us bring your vision to life and seamlessly wrap it up in style.

Starting investment for Set Up/Tear Down $750+

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